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About Me


I finished a doctorate in counseling psychology at Columbia University, NYC, in 1980. Since then I have been working as a licensed psychologist and a licensed professional counselor both in Israel and the US.


I am a licensed couple and family therapist and was trained by Steve de Shazer the founder of solution focused therapy.         


 I am  a Certified Gottman Couple therapist, trained by John and Julie Gottman. I am also a consultant for other therapists in this method and a trainer. The Gottman approach  provides excellent tools for couples to communicate and improve their relationships.     

My experience includes many years of supervision of counselors in Israel, and training counselors to become licensed in the US (Wisconsin). I taught at the Hebrew University in Israel and was a faculty member at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin.

Specializing in

Individual Therapy and Couples Therapy

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